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Our Features provides best services in the field of education to the people of pakistan .

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About Website is a platform to make link between schools & parents.In a limited time you search your childern future. We concise educational world of pakistan at one place.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to guide people that education is not only concise till the big institution or schools even the best education also provide the best education to your child with in your limited income packages/budget

Our Plan

Encoderbox softwarehouse is launched a website which is This website solve the biggest problem to find school according to your reliabilities and income .Simply visit our website and get all info like map,fee structure ,test requirement and so much more about schools

Our Vision

Encoderbox softwarehouse doing work on many problems in Pakistan .In future we are having lots of plans to solve many problems for future of our country .But we are nothing without your support and feedback.

News & Events

SC orders 20pc reduction in private school fees over Rs5,000

The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered a 20 per cent decrease in fees charged by upscale private schools, and ordered them to return half the fees they had charged for summer vacations. The order is applicable to private schools across the country whose fees are in excess of Rs5,000.
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PA wants private schools to give free education to disadvantaged students

KARACHI: As the provincial education minister warned the “elite” educational institutions to abide by rules, the Sindh Assembly on Tuesday demanded implementation of a law that bound private schools to provide free and compulsory education to “disadvantaged” .
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Education Reform

PRIME MINISTER Imran Khan has identified education reform as the central theme of his government. His first 100 days agenda seeks to “revolutionise social services”, including transforming health and education. The new government’s focus on education is much needed. The low quality of public education in .
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Education challenge

IT is pointless to expect our public-sector colleges and universities to produce well-rounded graduates when the state has failed to offer quality primary and secondary schooling to all. Although there are some slivers of hope, these do not reflect the real picture of the decades of neglect that Pakistan’s education sector has been subjected to.
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